Frequently Asked Questions

We approve 99% of requests!

Why should I choose All Star?

We have the solution that will allow you to get a vehicle that suits your needs, quickly and affordably.

Are there warranty and protection programs for my new pre-owned vehicle?

Our partners offer exclusive high quality mechanical guarantees to protect your new vehicle. We have a program that fits your needs and your budget.

I am a student and I need a vehicle, can All Star help me?

We love helping students! With All Star, you will have your new vehicle fast.

Do I have to go to your office?

There’s no need! The entire application and approval process is done online or by telephone.

I live in a region outside of Montreal, can All Star help me?

Absolutely! We finance vehicles throughout Quebec.

I would like to repay my account faster; do I have to pay a penalty?

Not at all ! You can repay your due whenever you want. By paying down your account quickly, you reduce interest charges. This solution is advantageous for you.

I do not have a fax, where can I find one?

  • Staples (Bureau en gros)
  • Post office
  • Pharmacy
  • Convenience store
  • Librairies
  • Copy center
  • Your employer

What are your rates and service charges?

The interest rate varies between 19.9% and 29.9%, depending on your situation. There is also an application fee to create your file and register your vehicle with the RDPRM.

I need help to finance a vehicle, can All Star help me?

Certainly! You can apply online.
Click on Apply Now
Contact one of our service agents by phone at 450-812-3535 or 1-877-AUTO987
Email us at

We approve 99% of requests!

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