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Frequently asked questions

We approve 99% of your requests

Why should I choose All-Star ?

We have the solution to help you get the vehicle that's right for your needs quickly.

Are there warranty and protection plan for my used car I picked ?

Our various partners offer us exclusive mechanical warranty of superior quality to protect you new vehicle. We have the program that fits your needs and your budget.

I am a student and i need a new vehicle, can All-Star help me ?

We encourage studies ! With All Star, you will have your new vehicle.

Should I go to your office to make a request ?

No, the entire application and approval process is done online or over the phone.

I live far from Montreal, can All-Star help me ?

Absolutely! We work with dealership across the province of Quebec.

I would like to pay my balance faster, do I have to pay penalty fees ?

No! You can pay your balance whenever you want. In addition, by repaying quickly you reduce the interest charges. This solution is advantageous for you.

I don't own a fax machine, where can I find one ?

  • Staples store
  • Post office
  • Drug store
  • Convenience store
  • Library

What are your interest rate and other(s) fee(s) ?

The interest rate is 29.9%. An administration fee also applies to create your file and register your vehicle with the RDPRM.

I need help to buy a new vehicle, can All-Star help me ?

Absolutely! You can apply online by clicking on "Apply Now" or contact one of our credit specialist by phone at1-877-AUTO987.
You can also write us at info@autoallstar.

I am a newcomer to the country, am I eligible ?

Yes, we accept newcomers to the country.

I have already rented a vehicle with you in the past, is it possible to make an another contract with you ?

Yes, it is possible to use our services more than once.

I am self employed, am I eligible ?

Yes, you are. When you apply, you will need to provide us a proof of annual income.

What is the minimum period of work required ?

This is not one of our criteria. We are looking at your potential to pay the funding.

What is the minimum age to get a loan ?

The minimum age to obtain a financial product is 18 years old.

I am seasonnal worker, am I eligible ?

Yes, we are only looking at the current ability to pay. In addition, during your request, you will have to provide us a proof to your status.

Wich brands/type of vehicle can I shop ?

Our services offers you a loan of a maximum of 13000$. The vehicle you wish to purchase will depend of your budget and in some case your deposit.

I don't have any credit history, am I eligible ?

Yes you are. Our service looks at your potential to pay.

Where can I shop a car ? Should I go to a dealership myself ?

When you want to get a car, two situations are available to you.

If you known your current credit situation, you can come directly to our service. After evaluating your file, we will transfer you to one of our delearship partners.

Another option would be to go directly to a dealership, the credit team will give us your information and we will process your request.

After my rental contract with you, is it possible to buy the car ?

Yes, it is possible to purchase the rented car after the contract for 100$ + tax.

What happens if I don't pay my intallments ?

Before taking this action, we are ready to offer you payments arrangements and options to avoid this situation. Our service offers you solutions adapted to your situation and your capacity to pay.

We approve 99% of your requests